Friday, May 15, 2009

failed task 06/05/09

After being given my task by Madam of taking a picture of me in just a pink latex thong in the changing room of my work, i decided the best option was to get there early in the morning. so i changed my alarm clock and was up and at work nearly an hour earlyer, but it was only when i went to change i found id left the latex thong at home! i cursed myself and txted Madam as i had a cup of tea. i texted Madam throughout the day and got home just after 7, with no word from Madam. after getting home the first thing i did was to put the thong in my work bag! by 11 there was still no contact from Madam, so i went to bed. As the previous morning i woke early and went to work, with nearly an hour till anyone else due to start i stood in the male locker room in just a pink latex thong and snapped off a few pics. within a few mins i was in my scrubs with no interuption. i sent Madam a image in a picture message also saying id send larger images for her aproval via email when i was home. about 2 hrs i received a piture message from Madam, it was her out in public wearing her skin tight pink latex coated lycra zentai suit! i savoured the pic and gazed at how sexy and alureing she was. when i got in from work i had a email from Madam with another dozen picture of her in the same outfit even a few daring shots of her in front of a local bar. as i was staring at the images, i recevied a im from Madam, asking if i liked the pitures id been sent, i replyed yes, and went on to say how hot and sexy she looked in the skin tight suit, it hugging her every curve. Madam replyed and said" im thought you would like those, but the one thing you didnt ask is, who is taking them?" i froze for a moment and aswered "who madam?" Madam aswered "that doesnt concern you, but just remember your not the only slave out there" with that she promptly went offline. and i was left to ponder my mistake.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Madam and i go shopping 04/05/09

It was time for shopping. so id arrived and Madams by 830 and prepared morning tea while she bathed and dressed. as i waited i cleaned the shoes Madam had put out for the day, a sexy pair of killer black paitent 5 inch heels with a small platform. then i heard madam coming down the stairs so i hastly got off my chair and asumed my postion(kneeling next to madams chair, her shoes in my hands). i sighed as Madam entered the room, she looked as always esqisite and incredibly sexy. she was mearing a pair of black wetlook lycra leggings( my favorates! just seing her in them was arousing me!), and a very fashonable long line printed top. After Madam had sat i kissed her feet and slipped her shoes on, she said "well what do you think" i glanced at her lycra clad legs and said" amazing Madam, just amazing" she then replyed "maybe a little OTT for a days shopping but i really wanted to torment you today and i know how you love these leggings" i smiled and thanked her and she said "im not sure you will be thanking me by the end of the day! Here put this on now." she handed me the elecroshock puppy collar id got off the internet a few months ago, i thought Madam had just gone off the idea. "id forgot about this she said and i thought it would liven up our shopping today" i did as i was instucted and fastend it around my scotum right next to the locking ring of my curve. Madam finished her tea and we left. After we had parked and looked in a few shops Madam wanted a coffee, so a few mins later we were sat on the big sofa of our usual coffe shop with a frappe each. as we talked my had crept across to Madams thigh, i begain careessing Madams firm lycra clad thigh, and gasped slighty at the points on my curve dug into my caged manhood, savouring both the pain and the delightful feel of madams firm body and also the smile on madams face. as my hand left Madams leg to reach for my coffee a searing pain shot thru my body, then again and again. i caught my breath and looked up to see Madam holding the remote for the shocker, smirking. "did i give you permission to touch me slave" she said loud enough for some people to overhear, "no madam, but as your said you wanted to torment me i just thou" madam cut me off before i could finish "your place is not to think. it is to obey, is that clear slave?" "yes Madam, im sorry" i answered meakly "good and you wil be sorry, now brace yourself" a second later the shock tore through me stonger than before, "1....2.....3.....4.....5" madam counted quietly to me. "now that was only a number 4 and this goes up to level 8, so if i was you id keep those hand to your self, now lets get on" we finished our coffees and carried on shopping. we went to a few more shops, i bought Madam some cosmetics from debhamans, then we went off to the supermarket to get some grocerys. on our way round the supermarket, we stopped to look at the dvds, Madam chose a film for us to watch, and i looked though the on offer rack. suddenly another shock hit me, not as bad as before, i looked up and Madam wasnt there. again another shock, then another and another, i made it round to the next ilse to see madam stood there holding the remote. "you should be looking at me, not dvds now do not keep me waiting" i apoligized and we carred on. After getting something for dinner we went to the till and we went back to madams house.
after id put the shopping away, i knelt and removed madams shoes and was allowed to lick her feet, Madam then went to shower and change for the evening. i cooked us a nice dinner and we spent the night watching a film, with me massaging Madams shoulders, neck and back, hands and feet. after a glass of wine it was time for me to leave. as i was about to go madam handed me a small bag i reached inside and pulled out a pink latex thong. "now i want you to wear this to work tomorrow, and only this, nothing over the top. and to prove it i want you to send me picture of you standing in the changing room with only this on, is that understood slave?" i took the thong and put it in my pocket "yes Madam" i said nervously. "good, now leave slave" and with that Madam shut the door.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

my mini task and my visit to madam 16/04/09

i was going to spend the day serving my madam when on the way madam called me, she told me her cat had just spilt coffee on her new bathrobe and ruined it, so i was to go to the store and buy her a new one, i arrived at the store and madam discribed her new robe to me, it was baby pink, soft fluffy and light, i stood in the store looking at the rack of robes but all the pink ones were bright pink and towlin. "i think they have sold out madam" i said, "well dont think go and ask someone, and tell them who its for, il be here listening so if you dont i wont see you for another week" so i approtched the assistant and with my cell phone next to my face still i said "im looking for a baby pink feather touch bathrobe for my madam" i blushed with embarrasment, the sales assistant looked at me for a few seconds then said "this way sir" and took me to another row, and there they were. i thanked her and made my way to the checkout. " ive got one madam" i spoke in to my cell phone, "good boy, you like to please your owner dont you, tell me you do" i took a breath and repeated "i love to please you my owner" i could see people in the queue looking at me. my madam said "good slave now be quick im waiting for my lunch and a good massage" madam then hung up. i stood red faced in the que till i got to the till paid and made my way to my madams.
when i got there i presented my madam with my gifts, her robe, a new choker id bought her, pink leather with a silver key hanging between 2 silver spikes, to show madam was the key holder to my chastity. and a new catsuit id ordered for her, metallic silver lycra, my favorate. and also a bottle of champagne, and some sushi. madam had the sushi for her lunch i was allowed to eat a small salad from a bowl on the floor(with out using my hands of corse) while madam rested her feet on my back and finished her coffee.
we went in to the lounge where i massaged madams feet, calfs, hands, shoulders, neck, and back for over 2 hours while we chatted. madam then took me upstairs, i went in to the bathroom and ran a bath and got un dressed. as i did madam returned from her bedroom with the key to my cage, madam unlocked my cb curve and i took it off i got in the bath and had a good scrub and thoughtly washed myself and my curve. as i got out of the bath and got dried and dressed madam took my curve to her bedroom and set it on the dresser. we went down stairs and i prepared madam some dinner and we chatted about may things, after dinner i opened the champagne and poured my madam a glass i was allowed half then only water we sat and watched a film and talked some more, what a wonderfull day. after the film we went bach upstairs and i put my curve back on piece by piece, slid in the centre pin and madam slipped the lock through the hole and snapped it shut. madam gently stroked the cage, and spoke very softly "i bet your dying to masturbate arnt you? how long has it been now 5 weeks is it" my cock was straining agaist my curve the points of intrigue digging in to my flesh "44 days madam" i gasped, as madam twisted and bent the curve upwards. suddenly madam let go and her attitude changed compleatly "well maybe in another 44 i might let you" thats it now time for you to go home. i said good bye and went home, i texted madam to thank her for allowing me to serve her and to tell her how devoted i am to serving her, i cannot wait till next time.

my punishment for failing my last task

during a delightful 2hr phone call with my owner last night i asked when i would be punished for my failed task, madam laughed and told me id already been punished. i was confused, i asked what do you mean madam? madam laughed again and said " i was angry at your failure to please me so i went out on sunday night with friends for a few drinks, and i dont think you would have liked my outfit" i took a breath being quite anxious now and asked what madam wore, madam laughed again and said "my skintight black lycra madarin dress and my spiked black patent 6 inch heels. and you know how tight that dress is so i couldnt wear any under wear or stocking with it" my heart was racing and my cock straining agaist its cage, but then i felt that knot in my stomach, madam went on " yes one getleman paid me lots of attention and realy liked my outfit, and when i told him i couldnt wear underwear with it he was very amused" my heart sank and my stomach tightened more at the thought of someone else enjoying the sight of my goddess, her encased in only that skintight, thin, smooth, sheeny dress, the thigh high split revealing her smooth sexy bare legs and then being complemented by her super sexy shiny heels. I said "but madam you said you would only wear that dress out for me" my owner replyed "yes i did but you said you would please and obey me always, and you did not, so tough shit, and if you fail me again next time i will wear a latex dress out and il make sure its one of the short ones to! do you understand me slave? i swallowed hard and answered "yes madam i understand, i wont fail again madam, you know i love to serve and please you madam"
my madam spoke "you better not because you know i mean it! and next time i might send you a few picture messages of me out in it to! you will have to wait another 4 weeks to be allowed to please yourself to, is that clear?" i told her yes and she said i was to post this on my blog and focus on serving her better.

my task 21/03/09

madam texted me on friday night and said she felt a tribute was in order, madam listed 2 products she wanted from the body shop i was to get them on saturday then on the night i was to put on my skintight metallic silver lycra catsuit and cycle up to deliver them to her. i went out with some family on saturday to another town, after walking around i discovered there body shop had shut down and was now a phone shop. as it was late afternooon it was to late for me to get to my local town before the shops closed. i text madam to explain and told her i would do my task tomorrow, madam didnt reply. i went in to my local town on sunday afternoon and found the body shop closed. i text madam to tell her and a few hours later madam texted back, it read: why should i bother to text you, you did not do as i commanded twice you have let me down now, you will pay for your lack of devotion, i will punish you. madam didnt reply to my texts for the resst of the day. monday i went to town and got the products madam asked for and texted to tell her, she texted back and said: be at mine for 8pm in ur silver catsuit, put ur buttplug in and clamps on your nipples i want u to suffer for making me waiting. so i did as instructed and cycled up to madams i left her tribute on the step and as i was leaving a couple of her neighbours were putting the refuse out for collection and were staring at me. after i got home i texted madam and told her, madam called me and said she saw the people staring at me and thought it was funny, madam was pleased with her cosmetics and next time not to make her wait. i asked about my punishment for my failure, madam wouldnt answer me, and told me not to be pushy i said sorry and we said good night.

my task 18/03/09

madam texted me to say she felt i had not been texting her enough the last few days and that i must prove my servitude to her, she told me to get a bottle of her favourite wine, and a token of my devotion to her, then on her command put in my buttplug and wear my skin tight leopard print lycra catsuit and cycle up to her house, text her on my arrival, wait for 30 mins out side then leave the gifts on the door step and then cycle home.
i went staight to town and got her wine and sum of her brand of cosmetics, i then gift wrapped them at home and awaited her command, at just gone 7 i recived her text which read, be at mine by 9, madam. i went and did as instructed, and cycled to madams in my leopard catsuit and buttplug, i passed a few people on the way and it was very embarrassing, i text madam at 5 to 9 and told her i was outside. she replyed, i know i can see you wait where you are as instucted. so i waited for 30 mins trying to ignore the looks i got from people passing. i then went up and left my gifts in the porch, and cycled home, i undressed and showered, and a while later i had an other txt from madam it said: good work my slave i love my gifts you chose well, i hope ur pain and embarrasment will remind you to serve your owner better in future, good nite, madam.

A little history

i have been a slave of madam katsuimi's for sometime now, and have served her faithfully. we have tried out many fetishes and bdsm scenes over the years, but towards the end of last year my submissiveness was faltering. madam told me i was to be held in chastity again, we had experimented with chastity device but on the last occasion i found it unbearable and moaned so much madam took it off me and it was cast to the bottom of the toy box. but now i had a choice wear in or no more madam, i think the thought of not serving my madam again bought me to my senses i agreed and was locked in the next day unable to masturbate or orgasam till i was unlocked by my madam. after doing some research online in chastity forums i found answers to problems regarding the device(mine is a CB curve) that blighted me before, i remained in it for 8 days. my madam pleased with my endurance released me for a while and then when my performance was unacceptable i was locked in again this time for 10 days. this time my it took longer for my servitude to become poor so i was again locked away this time for 2 weeks. after madam was pleased with my performance. before madam had only locked me in the curve when i had been on holiday from work, due to the fact i have to change at work. madam told me she wanted me to prove my devotion to her and wear my curve to work next week. i told her if she wanted i would wear it 24/7 she looked at me and smiled, madam asked if i was sure because if i say yes, then i hand over total control to her. I said yes madam, and ive been in chastity ever since. i am alowed to remove my curve once a week(under madams observation)for a thougher wash and a few hours rest as sumtimes swelling can occur. I am locked in again before i leave for home, and am only allowed to masturbate and orgasam when my owner madam katsuimi thinks i have served and pleased her sufficiently, showing her my devotion and loyalty.